Changing the course of human health.

We have broken key barriers in gene delivery, allowing us to create a new class of programmable genetic medicines that go beyond the limitations of RNA.

Introducing SPRING DNA™
  • S — Sustained, long-lasting expression and scalable manufacturing 
  • P — Precise, cell-type specific gene expression
  • R — Redosable
  • I — Intra-nuclear, efficient targeting 
  • N — Non-integrating, non-triggering innate immunity 
  • G — Gene cargo of any size

SPRING has arrived.

Our SPRING DNA technology platform unlocks the power of genetic medicine, opening up new frontiers of human health. Through rational design, we have created a unique universal structure that efficiently delivers instructions to the body to produce any therapeutic protein with long-lasting effect. This was once thought to be impossible.   

A = unique SPRING ends

B = any gene of interest

SPRING makes the impossible possible: a healthier future free from the burden of disease.

U.S.P.T.O. issues Notice of Allowance to Avecris for its SPRING DNA non-viral platform technology
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services / BARDA selects Avecris to spotlight at 2022 BARDA Health Security Industry Day
WheelsUp / BARDA collaboration selects Avecris for inaugural accelerator cohort to develop innovative biomanufacturing
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation awards Avecris with first ever Golden Ticket Award to advance novel non-viral platform